My slut’s first gangbang

March 19, 2020

We went to swingers club in the Netherlands her first swingers club I had already been to a few.

It was gangbang party that day I am bisexual hoping that she would be bi too.

We go in already got stiff she says she has jitters on her stomach and feels she has a wet pussy.

We change to take a shower and sit in a very large bubble bath, already well filled, the bubble bath is viewed by everyone horny hmmmmmm.

We sit down and talk and play some kisses which I see as they get closer and closer to us, she is shocked because she feels three pairs of hands outside my two hands and she cramps for a moment but because of her horniness she lets them continue.

I say to her they want you there she has a hard time and asks I want to try but do not want to see who it is I say ok speak to the men and women to ask is here darkroom or does someone have a blindfold for my slut where I want to make a whore I get an immediate answer take the darkroom.

OK so said so done and enter the darkroom and immediately we feel hands everywhere breasts buttocks LULLEN she moans and says someone has pushed 2 fingers in my pussy roughly did it in pain I say accept slut even you like it I feel hands on one asshole hmmm

She starts making blissful noises they say her pussy is very wet and there is a question we can fuck you I like to answer yes they say in all holes I say yes OK they start to push I say men quietly everyone’s turn

I feel a few big tits come between us and say let them use your slut whore hey a question can my husband blow you you blow him and he can fuck you I say yes please I am pushed forward and feel a dick men lips nice long cock not too thick

I hear that they fuck my wife she screams she gets a very big wet pussy she 25cm long wrist thick she screams so no I tear open they hold hands and want to intervene but other women say they do when she has to hooker let it happen then she can do anything she said I also have girls working with me who screamed the first time but now very much like the extra large Cocks I want to get out of my words

Her husband stands behind me and starts pressing against my star hurts a lot have never been fucked just been fingered the woman says accept stay calm here lick my pussy then you think of something else we are both fucked are very painful now went to a round bed and see there 14 men are jerking I say what are going to do they are all going to use your slut whore I see the fear in her eyes I want to intervene but I am being held by three men then she says you know what it is today in the club i say gangbang afternoon no says they offer beginner slut who want to be a whore through rape both man and fri wrong day so shut up otherwise we’ll rape you too i come here every time for new girls men for my record files

And you are going to be my wife gets one a the other in her she can no longer keep up after she has sucked she gets them all in her pussy the lady I will call them says she already has a cock in her I had a ass No, wow a virgin still very well

Who wants the sequel let us know then



March 14, 2020

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Trio got out of hand

March 2, 2020

On a regular Friday night, it was suddenly there… ..: You had so often terms like delicious, horny, 2 fuck bars, extra woman for you and more of these terms that the air was blistering when more than 2 people 1 space would be You and me. So the question was not if but when it was going to happen. And then the moment was there.

You had prepared well, you had been to the piercing shop the week before and had you pierced intimately, at an online pill shop you had arranged sweets, your pussy completely smooth, your ass rinsed. Conscious friends invited to use you. That Friday evening, a friend came to ring the doorbell and we drank coffee, the conversations took place without a double bottom. Suddenly you took the initiative and sat down between us, you were wearing suspenders, which became visible when you sat down. You went to get a drink, I kissed you. And when you poured, you had a look under your skirt when you bend over … And plopped between us and start tonguing me💋.

Our friend stroked your legs… you moaned and let it happen…. Open your blouse…. It was unbelievable how fast everything went, as if it had been agreed… Your left leg over my leg and right leg over the leg of person 3… you were horny and willingly allowed it…. Your beautiful long smooth legs in tights with seams and on your feet Christian Louboutin high heels with steel heel, ankle strap and red sole, how classy kinky horny you can be…. Your pussy available to us … My heart skipped: sweetheart you have had a clithood piercing😍, how horny we all 3 sigh …

I kissed you horny and asked did you want that too sweetly yourself? Yes dear, it seemed so beautiful and I did not dare at first, but it was not so bad, and the pain I had now I get a horny appetite in return, I blinked away a tear, what a treasure she thought, I thought. You had put a pill in our coffee and you had also ensured that this increased erection and libido worked… That is why it went so naturally, you had calculated this in terms of processing time. At the height of the effect of the pill you plopped between us on the couch, so you knew that the 2 fuck bars were exactly at full strength…. Of course we did not know which pill.

You had also taken a pleasure-enhancing pill and you could not be kept anymore … With us it took away all inhibitions … You hit your legs back and walked away on your high heels hip-rocking …. And also the front doorbell rang and you opened the door we heard, and we heard a whisper … A little later you came back with a friend, Natasja, of yours who also looked breathtakingly horny … and said: this horny tiger is my playmate with which I do a lot of naughty and horny things, and she will be filming us three for the time being ….. and perhaps more … This friend was more like a kinky slut, ultra short skirted and high-heeled, stuffed blouse and blond hair or a wig , I couldn’t see that well.

The friend of yours quickly put on a tripod and the camera turned…. You leaned forward on the table and showed the red diamond of your butt plug that you had put in…. And groaned… .I am ready for you horny fuck rods boys… .Come on and use me and live out…. have never come…. At that time, your pussylips also soaked because you were bending forward, and you saw clit piercing. I took the initiative and started eating you … Our friend got up and slipped his cock in your mouth … You took our friend’s cock in your horny mouth and started deepthroating… .You boiled and dripping long threads of mucus from your mouth…. You sucked as if his cock went into a huge ample fuck cave…. With your hand you alternately squeezed his cock and balls to get maximum erection … Ready to ram it into your cave. In the meantime I licked you 3 times to an orgasm which got you screaming. In the meantime you let his cock slip out of your mouth and shouted “fuck me, fuck this slut, ram that cock in my horny cunt” I let you go for a while, until your orgasm had subsided…. Then I licked you three times to an almost orgasm and you were shaking on your legs of horniness, you begged to cum but I was no longer allowed to.



February 25, 2020

“What shall we do?” I ask.

We met out of habit and boredom in the clubhouse on a drizzly day. Actually, I’m a little disappointed that only Jacqueline and Yvonne, who are friends, are there and not one of my friends.

“Don’t know,” says Jacqueline.

“Don’t go out anyway,” says Vonne. “The weather sucks.”

“Do you have games here?” I ask.

“No nothing.”

“Nothing? Also no dice? ”

“No, yes, I believe so here.” Von rummages in a kitchen drawer. “Look at three regular dice.”

“What can you do with that?” Jacqueline says.

“Playing poker!” I say.

“You do that with cards, right?”

“Do you have a paper cup or something?” I ask, ignoring von’s comment.

“A plastic cup.”

“Can also,” I say. I explain how it works. “Three sixes is poker. You throw blind and you pass blind. The throw must always be higher than the previous one. If you don’t believe it, you lift the cup. Is it there, you lose. If it is not there, the person who gave you the throw loses. ”

“And then?” Jackie asks.

“Um, yes, um, we can play for money,” I suggest. “Or, uh, for matchsticks.”

“Yes,” suggests Jackie, “or we’ll do strip poker.”

It is very quiet for a moment.

“Uh, yes, you can,” I admit.

We look at each other. That is an exciting idea. Take off your clothes in front of the others. Imagine going naked. I have it easy and I have not even suggested it. Playing strip poker with two women.

“Okay, let’s do it,” I say.

Von looks stuffy. She can hardly go back now that two out of three are ahead. We sit down at the table.

“Shall I start?” I say. I rattle the cup of stones and turn it upside down for Jackie sitting next to me. “First six,” I bluff.

She looks surprised. “How can you know that now?” she says softly, more to herself than to me. She estimates the chance and lifts the cup. There is no six.

Oops. I laugh and pull off a shoelace. “How do we do it?” I ask. “Shoes and socks is one piece of clothing or four?”

We decide from one to keep up the pace.

“Now it is clear how it goes,” I say. “When something is there,” I explain, “you can put the stone next to the cup and throw the rest unseen.”

Jackie throws and looks and slides the cup to Vonne. “One six.”

“And now?” Von asks.

“You lift it if you don’t believe it or you look,” I instruct. “When it is there, put the six next to it. If it is not there, you have to throw a six and something more. If you say one six and one one, that is enough. ”

She looks and puts a six next to it. Von throws the other two stones and looks. “A four,” she says.

“A six and a four,” I correct. “You always throw a four,” I say without substantiation. And slide the cup towards me. I throw the two stones and look.

“Two sixes,” I say.

Jackie looks at me incredulously. She hesitates and looks. There is no six under the cup, I know. You can see her face cloud. Von looks anxiously at Jackie. He throws the stones over, looks and says, “there are two sixes and a four.”

Vonne has huge doubts. She realizes that when it is not there she has to throw herself higher and she does not trust me for a cent. She takes a deep breath and lifts the cup. It’s there!

Shit. Disappointed, she takes off her sneakers.

“Well, that’s how it works,” I say cheerfully. “Nice right?”

Both girls look a bit anxious and look at each other.


Relaxing evening

February 11, 2020

One day in the middle of the week my wife and I had the idea to spend an evening relaxing and relaxing in the sauna. After a day of work this day, this was always welcome. We were both at home around 4 p.m. and went for a quick shower and of course a close shave. You can’t walk around in the sauna with a stubble field between your legs. I jumped in the shower first and finished everything pretty quickly. My lovely lady was already undressing when I was drying myself. She came naked in front of me and kissed me passionately and under the pillow I could already feel her hand around my smooth shaved cock. She reacted immediately and jumped up with jerks, she looked at me horny and dropped to her knees and took it deep in her mouth. She sucked on it diligently and what a view I had. Carefully I leaned forward so as not to pull my cock out of her mouth but to reach her full tits.

Here I immediately felt her nipples protruding. A sopping sound filled the bathroom, it turned out she was fingering herself while she was blowing me. She took her hand between her legs and stood up and kissed me again. after kissing she pressed her wet fingers in her mouth and I tasted her horny pussy. So she said, and now I’m going to take a shower and you are already preparing the bag. Well there I was with a hard cock and as horny as anything. After getting dressed and packing the bag I heard the water from the shower still running and went to see if she was almost ready. The moment I entered the bathroom she had just finished, but not with a shower but just finished getting on her fingers. She was still closed with her eyes and two fingers in her pussy and with her other hand I squeezed her nipple. That was another timing I told her and she looked at me horny and started to laugh. Sorry but I could not resist and had to come quickly. Come and have a taste and she put one leg on the frame so that I could put my head in between. I never let this be said twice and placed me between her legs. The doorbell rang just as I was sitting properly with my tongue between her lips and her horny taste.

As perfect as the first timing was, so shit was this timing. A little annoyed, I went down the stairs and opened the front door. There was a friend of ours who doesn’t live nearby. I happened to be in the area and thought I’d check out how it is here with you. Well then come on it was my reaction. Who was disturbing us we heard from the bathroom. I called our friend, and with which I bothered you got them back as a question. Well, she answered honestly, with my licking after I fingered myself in the shower. I burst out laughing and he was watching with a red head and couldn’t say a word. Is it convenient then? Well we are going to relax in the sauna just like that, do you want to come along? May he reply, and shouted upstairs if he could come with us. If you can have it to see me naked and you can behave yourself you can come along. On the way to the sauna there was already a lot of updating. At the reception at the sauna, of course, a bathrobe and slippers had to be rented, because of course he did not have these with him in the car.

While undressing, I already saw him secretly watching my wife take off her lingerie set. First how her full breasts got the space after taking off her bra, and she got a good view of her delicious buttocks and nice pussy when she picked up her panties where she got out. I looked at him and gave him a wink. After we had rinsed off we first sat by the foot bath and told more. We thought it was time to enter a sauna and were looking for a sauna with a not too high temperature to start. It was not really busy, 2 men and 2 women and so there is enough room for the three of us. She lay down on the middle layer and we as men sit on the top row. We were able to look around so nicely and certainly see how she was enjoying it there, nicely tucked up with one leg that you just could not see anything. After about 5 minutes the other 4 left the sauna and the three of us were left. The beads of sweat were slowly visible on our bodies.


A trio to dream of

January 14, 2020

I have been sexually active since I was 14 years old. Since my new relationship I have become more intense in bed. I want to try out everything. I have a relationship with a man and all my free-range and relationships were men. Occasionally I kissed a woman, but that hasn’t happened in a while. I find women incredibly attractive and I get horny at the thought of “having sex with a woman” or “trio”.

Last August my boyfriend and I were on vacation to Spain. Many cocktails behind the teeth at our apartment. We sat outside for a while and walked to the room. We bumped into an attractive woman. My face went straight to horny, just like hers. I asked if she wanted a drink and sat down again. The woman named Lucie and I sat on a long sofa and my friend opposite us.

The cocktails on the table. Because we were tipsy and suddenly talked about sex, one thing led to another. First a hand under the skirt and a kiss right afterwards. We looked horny at my friend. We decided to go to the room. We had such good sex, my dream came true. Pamper my friend together. She was lying on the bed, I was commuting her and my boyfriend took me from behind, and she and I turned around. Squirting my friend on our boobs! This was an evening to remember.


It was meant to be

January 6, 2020

We were going to get a sex booklet and entered the sex shop, there was often an acquaintance of ours, but this time the owner was there, Henk was with him. Henk was one of the men with whom I regularly watched porn movies and he often brought his friend Hans with him. He looked up when we stepped in, hello Bram he said then you must be Annie, he said to her, yes that was her reaction and he took her hand. Are you also watching a movie he asked, no we said come and get a book for the weekend, too bad he said Hans is also inside and I’m sure he would like it too when you watched Frank, the owner said to Annie you can always come and if you don’t like it you just walk out again.

That was the message that made her cross the threshold, oh yes why not she said. The three of us went into the cinema where Hans is sitting and of course he was playing with his cock, he quickly put his cock in his pants. Hans this is Annie that Bram often talks about and they want to watch, he said nice, come and sit next to me, he suggested. Annie looked at me do what you want I said and yes she moved in line and sat next to him, you sit next to her or can I ask Henk, what do you want I asked her, oh he can sit next to me she said laughing. I was curious to see how far it would go and I hoped very well that the men wanted it too. After a while Henk said we can do whatever else we do, he asked her, you do but she said and saw that she opened their pants and pulled down and there their dicks were in full glory.

I saw her secretly look, you should not play asked Hans that you do otherwise, Annie looked at me do but she said you will be horny I decided to participate loosened my pants and pulled it down and my underpants my dick was there too, you see he needs space just like always hans said and grabbed my dick i think we are all horny i said are you horny Annie asked Henk Bram told you often a wet pussy do you want to know that he said he with a smile. We would love to find out for himself he said so, she looked at me and I winked but she said and she grabbed Henk’s cock, His hand slipped between her thighs which was easy because she spread her legs apart, of course his attention was gone to my cock and he was only interested in her pussy. The cross was pulled to the side and now they could play with her pussy that natural fat wash you indeed have a fat pussy and nice thick sch hemlips. Take off her panties but I imagined I knew that Annie now had more boundaries, may that be asked Henk, yes she said and got up and the men took off her panties together and Annie got out and gave it to me. There sat z with her cunt naked and the men played with her and she with the cocks of the men, I had to stop playing with my cock or I would finish.

Henk put a few fingers in her cunt and started banging it, Annie slumped a bit further and spread her legs even more apart. You can put your hand in it deeply I said and he did it and Annie started moaning and jerked harder with the poles, I’m going to come soon said Hans can I spray over your belly he asked, go ahead she said and he stood in front of her and pulled a few more times and there he injected her belly, it ran into her pubic hair .I don’t need much time either, Henk I can do that too, yes she said and he followed and sprayed his seed with great rays. Don’t you have to spray, Henk asked me, no he may only spray tonight when we fuck nicely, said Annie, but first prepare me well before I put on my panties again and Henk did that. Hans had pulled up his pants from a kitchen towel that was always there and fetched a few sheets of paper and gave them to Annie. She wiped away most of the seed, but there was quite a bit in her pubic hair. She put her panties back on shame Henk said you indeed have a beautiful but especially a horny pussy, what you call a pussy said hand I think she has a great horny pussy.

When can we fuck you once asked Hans, I will discuss that with Bram, she said and you will hear that once, the film was over, we had not seen much of it, but we left the room satisfied. And how was it early Frank I have the idea that you have enjoyed yourself, we were sure and delicious that Annie wanted to see the whole movie he said smiling and more. We took another book and drove home, never expected said Annie but they were nice guys and they can come sometime. A week later the appointment was made they would stay one night because they had no partner and Annie was looking forward to it and especially because they could fuck her without a condom.