Family weekend

We organized a family weekend because my parents were married for 50 years. We had combined the weekend with a cousin’s day as we organized it more often. I, my 2 brothers, my 2 cousins and finally my older cousin came together every 5 years for one day, often with our wives and children, to maintain the family ties. A number of 6 and 8 person cottages had been rented and in order to fix things up a bit, and also to keep our cousins together, I went to the farm a day earlier. Without children and a husband I had a chat with my brothers, cousins and nieces. Maybe an activity during the day, but most of all preparing everything for the weekend.

When I arrived at the beginning of the afternoon most of them were already there, except for my slightly younger cousin B. My 2 brothers are with their 41 and 43 years the youngest of the club. Next comes cousin B. with 45 years, then me with 46 years followed by cousin S. with 47 years. Our cousin G. is the oldest with 49 years. A cozy club and we soon sat in the garden chatting with each other. Cousin B. went shopping and he joined us at the end of the afternoon. He wasn’t really a full cousin; my aunt was once married again and he was the son of her new husband. I hadn’t seen him for almost 5 years and when he walked into the garden I was quite surprised. In my memory he was a somewhat fat, boring man but according to my mother that had everything to do with his (then) marriage. By now I knew that he had had a new relationship since a couple of years and apparently he had done very well. He looked well taken care of and there was nothing left of the fat one. A good brown head, sportily dressed and trained a lot of pounds. He saw my amazement and gave me a thick suit on my cheek. “Such a cousin, that’s way too long ago… you look good,” he said with a big smile. For a moment it looked as if his eyes were going towards my cleavage but maybe that was my imagination. It was warm that day so I had put on a summer top. Nothing exciting and I had no ulterior motives with that, but the fabric was a bit tight around my breasts. I’m a bit small in stature but with a good D-cup and because of that men quickly look down on my cleavage. I can say that they still look good for my age and I still try to pay attention to my body. Despite two kids I am still in good shape and my husband says that I am a very nice MILF (but MILF are…).

The evening went well and there was plenty to talk about. My brothers had the biggest stories and I was talking to my cousin. We had a nice meal but during dinner I noticed that cousin B. looked a few times a bit longer in my direction. I had to pass a bowl of food twice and I had to get up for a moment and pass the bowl over the table. Of course my top fell open a bit and from the corner of my eye I saw that cousin B. had his look on my top. Again not much exciting to see and I just had a good bra on, but it was a bra without stuffing. My nipples are a bit on the big side and have the habit of getting stiff rather quickly. That’s usually due to cold or tension and that’s why I often wear a bra with a stuffing so that my stiff nipples can’t be seen all day long. So now it was a cotton bra and because of my movements at the table the fabric was always rubbing over my nipples. Of course they became stiff right away and I think cousin B. could just see that when I was stretching forward. His gaze stayed just a bit too long and when I sat down again he looked at me with a greedy look. It made me a bit uncomfortable because it is my cousin after all, and for the rest of the evening I made sure that my top remained tightly closed.

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