My cousin Geraldine

Driving my new BMW 3 streets from my house I am on my way to the Jumbo for the groceries normally I have it delivered to my home by Ina a good friend who then just arrives she works there as a manager and only brings it to me personally due to circumstances.
But she needs some bottles of wine and wants to get them herself when suddenly a blond lady with spinning ass in blue jeans with holes strikes me she has half long curly blond hair to something over her shoulders white sweater with big pointy breasts beautiful smile she looks at me and she knows I look at her a beautiful smile comes on her face when I wave.

I laugh and move on but in the rear view mirror I admire her round butt that turns nicely, she walks on boots with a heel of 5 cm. She looks back for a while and crosses the road to the campsites. If there is a job I don’t feel like doing tomorrow with an elderly couple from Rotterdam, they have already done more carpentry in their caravan and made some adjustments. Tomorrow they want to build one, so they’ve known them for a while now and they’re not very demanding. I’ll do the groceries, talk to Ina and Joselyn in the Jumbo and take the bottles of wine with me in my new car. I’ll be there that evening early in the morning getting materials and on my way to the couple from Rotterdam.

The other day when I have the materials I arrive at the couple they go shopping in Zwolle and have given me their wishes and how they want it and I get to work and leave them. When I suddenly hear from behind hey I have a new neighbor I hear laughing and to my amazement there is the nice blond lady from yesterday that I admired horny. She introduces herself to Geraldine she says I’m Jack and tells her right away that I’m working and not the new neighbor she shoots in the smile I know she says I tease you and wink she has a short skirt on warm she asks and says now and I sigh in work pants. I go to the pool or lie down in the pool here and she points to the small pool next to her standing caravan. Do you fancy a cold wine I say now I am at work on which she says 1 side anyway. Don’t be a wine drinker but a cold wine now with this heat.

The couple hasn’t been away that long so I decide to crash at her place and she’s talking a hundred out she’s been standing there for 2 weeks now and it’s her first season here at the campsite she bought this mobile home. She lives in Breda and has 2 children who are already grown up and don’t want to go anymore and she tells me she loves the Veluwe. I drink the wine while I admire her legs coming out of her almost too small skirt but yes it can be warm and on the campsite but her shirt is so tight her tits look even bigger with mega looks.

I thank her for the wine and she puts a hand rubbing on my leg if you want more but it is so warm and if you don’t get anything from the neighbors she says with a smile. And go on I have been sitting there for over an hour but my job is going well. The blond neighbor is bobbing in the pool she is driving me crazy and every now and then she comes talking in a white translucent bikini it doesn’t seem to do anything to her that I see her nipples her breasts through and her bikini pants show as good as her labia when she bends down to take sunscreen when she asks me Jack I don’t turn that down and lubricate her legs till almost her buttocks in and also my back of course and loosens her bikini top while she is lying on her belly I rub her back and rub her back in such a way that I also heard her tits on the side touching her there something moaning naughty thing I think and she says thank you to you I have what she says laughing and I continue with a huge stiff cock which she looks at without shame just as I look at her.

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