Deflowered by niece

I was born in 1988 and lived in a small village in Belgium, where the family lived quite close together. My cousin lived in the same neighborhood as me and we saw each other quite a lot in our youth. In 2000 we went to secondary school and ended up in the same class, so we saw each other even more.

I always thought my cousin was handsome, so when she had some boyfriends in the following years, I was always a little jealous of those boys. She was rather timid so I had never had a girlfriend before. Through the years she only got prettier in my eyes but yes, she is my cousin so I couldn’t do much with that. We also studied a lot together, either at my house or at her house. In the summer she used to lie in the garden, with her course in bikini in front of her, and I had to do my best not to constantly look at her beautiful ass and breasts (she had a little B-cup).

Luckily this didn’t cost me any re-exams, and so we graduated together in 2006. From that moment on we saw each other a lot less, as we went to higher education and we each went our own way. From then on we saw each other a lot less as we went to higher education and we each went our own way. She kept on wearing out boyfriends while I still didn’t have a girlfriend and remained a hopeless virgin. This changed when our families decided in 2008 to travel together one last time (in our childhood we sometimes did this). So our parents, my brother and sister, and her brother left together for the South of France. My cousin had been single again for about six months at that time, which I thought was weird because she had become a beautiful woman in the meantime. I had put myself on the gym, which didn’t hurt me because the six-pack was already coming through nicely. I thought this would give me more self-confidence but until that summer of 2008 I still hadn’t had a wife. Once we were in the South we mainly had fun, cousins and cousins among each other. Until the moment we had to go to the store after about a week because we were without food. I signed up to go, and my cousin said she would give me a hand. So we went to the Supermarch√© together with the car. We had some time to talk in the car because it was a drive of about 10min. I asked her why she hadn’t had a boyfriend in such a long time. She said she had had enough of relationships for a while.

She asked me about my relationships. I told her that I had never had anyone before, and she asked if I was still a virgin. I said ‘of course’. That scared her for a moment. She said I had the looks to attract enough women, but I said I didn’t have enough self-confidence to do anything with it. Then she asked me to park the car, we were on a long wide track where you could park your car on the side. Then it happened. She put her hand on my penis, and asked if she could go on. I had often fantasized about her so I wasn’t going to stop her. She opened my zipper and pulled out my already stiff penis and started licking it. Then I had to do everything I could to avoid getting all horny out of her right away but I succeeded. After a minute she took off her t-shirt and shorts and panties and asked if I wanted to hurt her.

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