First time with a black man

I’m Rob married to Carol we have a good life and the sex is great. We are about 1,75 m tall and slim my wife has short black legs and beautiful breasts (busty). Now during the sex we asked what our fantasy was for her, she wanted to see me with 2 women. I told her that I wanted to see her fuck a nigger once in a while. I immediately saw her eyes shine.

A few weeks later we went out during the week and it wasn’t that crowded and my wife liked to dress provocatively (very short skirt with a top in which you could see her breasts well) . We were in a dance cafe where it was quite dark with separate sitting areas, we were sitting at the bar and I had already danced a few times with my wife where I couldn’t resist stroking her breasts which made her nipples stiff (she never wore a bra when we went out) we had also had some drinks, we were sitting at the bar and a nigger came in and sat next to me after a while my wife had to go to the toilet and then that man asked if that was my wife and he thought she was very beautiful and sexy, we talk what he was here for a few days on leave and stayed in a studio, then my wife came back and I introduced her and so we got to talking and it was pretty cozy and he gave us another drink , then he asked if he could dance with my wife I told him that you have to ask her hey; and she immediately agreed, I thought she might want to fuck him, I looked at them and saw that they were dancing close together and he looked at me and I nodded at him as a sign but then I saw his hand go over her chest and she didn’t protest and she looked up at him and then they started tonguing, when the dance was done he asked if we wouldn’t sit in a chair so we had more privacy. My wife sat between us and after a while he put his hand on her leg while he was telling and his hand went higher and suddenly he was sitting with his under her skirt.

I saw that her nipples were stiff under her top and then she had to go to the toilet, when she came back he put his hand back on her leg and went back under her skirt and started to caress her (she had taken off her panties in the toilet) and then he said something nice say a naked pussy and he started to finger her and she started to moan and they started to tongues again and I couldn’t resist squeezing her nipples, Then he asked if we didn’t feel like going to his studio, which was just a long way from here, so with him in the elevator she started tonguing him again when we were inside he said immediately I want to see you naked and she immediately started to undress then he walked up to her and immediately started to knead her breasts and squeeze her nipples then she said I want to see your dick and he also undressed himself he didn’t have an exceptionally large sex part but he did have a huge scrotum and she immediately on her knees and started to suck him and there he had a big scrotum she took his balls in her mouth one by one and he just moaned then he said put you down and he started hitting her and he stuck his tongue in her pussy and then she came squirting for the first time and then she asked if he had a condom because she wanted to get fucked he wanted a condom and she asked me this is what you wanted he and I told her I was very hot and she said I will help you then, he came back with a condom over his dick and said I’m going to fuck you now and he came into her and they started tonguing again and then he came and pulled his dick out of her I had meanwhile taken my dick out of my pants and was jerking me off and when she saw that she said I’m going now to help my husband she came on her Knees in front of me and started sucking me and I saw when he looked he was getting an erection again and I made him sign that he had to fuck her from behind and he stuck his dick right into her pussy and she was enjoying it and then I couldn’t hold it anymore and sprayed her mouth full of my sperm and he came as well, Then we were saturated and he told her if you want you can take a shower and he showed her the way and since they stayed away for quite a long time I went to have a look and saw through a crack that she was on her knees and giving him a blowjob and then he came back in mouth (afterwards she told me that not much came out) we got dressed and went home and what do you think we fucked again.

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